• Ama Zin Marketing Workshop
LashFix Eyelash and Beauty Bar

Ama Zin Marketing Workshop

Our business and marketing workshop will draw on real life experience and demonstrate key principles which have contributed to converting LashFix from a sole trader in a home salon, to a company operating one of Melbourne’s most affluent suburbs and now Melbourne's leading lash academy. 

These are the 4 main objectives

  • Identify and define your vision and mission statement – This will create the basis of your brand and all business decisions should be made with this in mind.
  • How to create original content to attract your ideal clientele – Focus on your niche market to be a more effective marketer
  • Pricing – how to be a profitable business. Making sure the time and money you are investing into your business is coming back to you plus extra
  • Client retention – now that you are in front of the right audience, learn how to build quality relationships to sustain and grow your database

We have been operating for 5+ years and have moved 3 locations, each time we have been able both sustain and grow our clientele without compromising who we are! 

Take this step to invest in yourself, your family and your business!

  • $650.00
  • $850.00