How did LashFix start?

With humble beginnings, the LASHF!X journey began in 2014 through founder, Venna Tohilima. A mother of two at the time, looking for something to supplement her bank teller income, Venna turned to lashes.  Shortly after completing her course, Venna moved to Melbourne with her two children and husband, where she tirelessly practiced on her friends and family until she was confident enough to take on paying clients.

Basing herself in St Albans, Venna started to build a loyal clientele. The word had got out and her lash work gained popularity rapidly. As a natural visionary, she saw the need to expand.

From St Albans to Tarneit, Venna opened her first lash studio. A garage converted salon, dedicated to the beauty needs of all those who walked through her door.

 As a sole technician, Venna found it difficult to keep up with the demand. She partnered with her sister Ama, who manages LASHF!X social media, appointments and communications. This was the birth of the dynamic sister duo we know today.

As the word continued to spread, LASHF!X grew from a team of two to a family of five. Fast forward 10 years to 2024 LASHF!X has since opened 4 locations,  launched their lash and brow training academy combining real life business experience with the skill to safely apply lash extensions. 

2024 the sisters are fully committed to lash & brow training, marketing and business mentoring. Keep an eye out for their upcoming courses!  



Our Vision: Help Powerhouse women and mums around the world build the business of their dreams by helping them realise who they need to become first.

The work always starts within, the money is a by-product of who you need to become. Send us an email info@lashfix.com.au to learn how you can work with us. 

Business strategies. Mindset training. Marketing. Business Development.