• LashFix 'Dream' Adhesive
LashFix Eyelash and Beauty Bar

LashFix 'Dream' Adhesive

Good things take time and thats why we have created the 'Dream' adhesive.

This glue is for lash sisters who need just that extra second to perfect their lash placement.

We will never argue against perfect placement and thats exactly why this glue has been created! Take your time sis!

Drying time 2-3 seconds

Optimal temperature for use  20° C - 25°C

Optimal humidity for use  48% - 70%

Pure Black

Strong holding glue

5ml bottle

Beautiful for both volume and classic lashes

For longevity please store glue in an air tight container. Standing up right. Lash Glue storage available for purchase on website. 


  • $38.00

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