LashFix meets AKL 2020

LashFix sisters take Auckland 2020

Co owners Venna Tohilima and Ama Hemana will be travelling to AKL in January, 2020 to share how they have turned a lash home business into a fully booked beauty salon in Port Melbourne.
Learn how you can combine the lash skills and techniques from Venna with marketing tips from Ama to earn up to $100K per year!
We are so excited to share our journey with you and be apart of yours too!

LashFix where it all began

Venna Tohilima, founder and co owner of LashFix, has always been entrepreneurial since a young age.
Often, she would come up with crazy business ideas and would rope her family into helping her bring these ideas to life. LashFix was no different!

LashFix was founded in 2014 by Venna Tohilima, after a year of lashing she found it difficult to respond to bookings and enquiries. This is where baby sis, Ama stepped in. Taking over communications and marketing. Thus, leveraging LashFix to a new level of professionalism. In 4 years, LashFix has quadrupled they're social media following, been featured in 4 articles& interviewed by Xero, timely and The Guardian!

LashFix St Albans

In 2014, Venna, a mother of 2 (now four) was on the look for a side hustle to help bring in some cashflow.
Lashes became that side hustle. She convinced her parents to loan her $1,500 for her 2 day lash course and has never looked back since then.

5 years later, through LashFix, Venna has been able to fund 3 overseas family trips & provide employment for 10 girls plus her sister, Ama who has become a co owner and marketing manager. In her second yea of business she earns over 100K, not many small businesses can say the same. Are you ready to take the next step to transform your lifestyle?

If you have been following our journey via instagram then you will know, LashFix started in a small St Albans room in 2015 with Venna as a sole lash technician. Fast forward 5 years and two locations later, we are now operating in one of Melbourne's most affluent suburbs, Port Melbourne with a total of 10 lash technicians : All of course trained by Venna. 
What does the LashFix Eyelash Extension Training Cover?
  • Classic 1:1 eyelash ext application
  • Preparation (eye gel pad application &safe taping techniques)
  • How to prepare for a client and their lashes
  • Contraindications
  • Lash design and basic mapping
  • Health and safety - how to keep your station clean and how to decrease the risk of bacteria build up
  • Client Consultation
  • Product Overview
  • Aftercare
  • Lash Removal
  • Refills
  • Ongoing Support
Invest in yourself, let us show you how you can make your dream life a reality!

Costs are listed below:
includes, LashFix starter kit, exclusive LashFix manual and 1 Day business/marketing training plus manual with Ama


includes, LashFix starter kit & exclusive LashFix manual
Training dates will be held 6th, 7th or 8th January
Limited spots available!
To secure your spot we require a $500AUD non-refundable deposit, the remaining amount balance is due January 1st, 2020 
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